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links for 2009-01-08

8 Jan

Top 10 New WordPress Themes

8 Jan

Sean Aune of Mashable listed his favorite new WordPress 2.7 themes.

Here they are:


Blue Grace

Celebrity Gossip

Google Chrome


Over Easy


TimesCafe News


WP Remix

Check out Sean’s article for an additional list of helpful WordPress resources.

Hat Tip:  Mashable

links for 2009-01-07

7 Jan

Hamas Supporters Online: More Than You Think!

7 Jan

Internet Haganah this week published a pie chart which demonstrates the current global distribution of Hamas supporters online. It shows that 16 countries account for 91.35% of all Hamas followers, generated via more than 5,500 I.P. addresses.


To read more in-depth global statistics, please visit SOFIR – The Society for Internet Research.

Also,  to learn more about denial-of -service (DDoS) attacks taking place against Israeli, US, French,Spanish, UK and Danish websites by Jihadist  groups, check out the article “Battle for Gaza Fought on the Web Too,” by Jart Armin.

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7 Jan

links for 2009-01-05

5 Jan

Beyond RSS & Twitter: New Social Media Tools to Track the Israel-Gaza Campaign

4 Jan

Jennifer Van Grove of Mashable just published a short list new social media tools you can use for real-time news tracking of the Gaza military Campaign. The list goes beyond RSS and Twitter and  includes quick tips and tactics on how to use these resources.

Here’s the quick list:

1. Get an “aggregate view” from CrisisWire.

2. Receive real time social news from WhosTalkin and Social Mention.

3. Take RSS feeds with you with Notify.me (in addition to Twitter SearchDigg, Friendfeed).

Hat Tip: Mashable