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8 Feb

Happy 25th Birthday Apple Mac

24 Jan

Remember the baby Mac? The “1984” television commercial? Well, 25 years ago today, Steve Jobs introduced the Macintosh Model M0001 to the eager masses. Here’s the video of the live event to take you back in time:

Happy Birthday.

World’s Lightest Netbook Debuts at CES: VAIO P

8 Jan

Sony today took the wraps off the world’s lightest 8-inch netbook – the new VAIO® P Series. According to the company’s press release, the Vaio P is the size of a business envelope and roughly as thin as a cell phone, weighs just 1.4 pounds and is small enough to slip into a jacket pocket or handbag. The netbook will be available ins a series of colors including garnet red, emerald green, onyx black, crystal white and classic black.

Here are some of the key features:

  • High-resolution, 1600 x 768, LED backlit 8-inch ultra-wide display (diagonal), making it easy to view everything from entire spreadsheets to full web pages- no side-to-side scrolling necessary.
  • Sony’s XBRITE-ECO™ LCD technology, producing images in brilliant detail for razor-sharp viewing.
  • Built-in wireless WAN 3G Mobile Broadband, 802.11n wi-fi and Bluetooth technologies.
  • Up to four hours of battery life with the included standard capacity battery and eight hours with the large capacity battery.
  • An instant-mode option that launches directly into Sony’s Xross Media Bar™ interface–rapidly boot up and access music, video, photos and the Web.
  • A built-in webcam.
  • Windows Vista®.

The VAIO P Series Lifestyle PC will retail for about $900. It will be available for pre-orders Thursday online. It will also be sold at Sony Style® stores starting later this month and at other major retailers around the country beginning in February.

To see photos and learn more about the world’s lightest netbook, visit Sony’s website.
Source: Sony press release (1/7/2009)

Top Tech Predictions for 2009: Wall Street Speaks

6 Jan

J.P. Morgan and Barclays Capital both released top tech predictions lists for 2009. Here’s a look:

Imran Khan’s 2009 Tech Predictions (J.P. Morgan)

  1. Potential search deal likely between Yahoo! and Microsoft
  2. Net Neutrality should become an important mainstream issue
  3. Challenges in monetizing video advertising should persist
  4. Mobile usage should continue its strong growth momentum, but mobile
    advertising will likely be challenging this year
  5. Possible bankruptcies in brick-and-mortar retail should create opportunities
    for eCommerce companies
  6. M&A consolidation activities could potentially resume during 2H’09 (IPO market is dead until 2010)

Doug Anmuth’s 2009 Tech Predictions (Barclays Capital)

  1. Yahoo and eBay will make major strategic decisions
  2. Performance-based advertising will be more important than ever
  3. Increased Competition For Search Distribution Via Toolbars, OEM Deals, and Partnerships
  4. Proliferation of Smart Phones Will Drive The Mobile Internet
  5. Small Strategic Acquisitions Will Re-Emerge
  6. Ad Networks To Consolidate

Hat Tip: Erik Schoenfeld, TechCrunch

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5 Jan

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4 Jan

Top 10 Best-Selling Netbooks (in Japan)

3 Jan

Here’s a look at the top 10 best selling Netbooks — from our friends at Akihabara News. Asus, Acer and HP all make the list. Wait another couple of months for the latest, greatest  new models to hit the market. Or get a good bargain next month on Amazon.

Here’s the list:
3. ASUS EEE PC 901-X (12GB SSD) 
5. ASUS EEE PC 1000H (160GB HDD) 
7. ASUS EEE PC S101-X (16GB SSD) 
8. ONKYO C101-4 (120GB HDD) 
9. ASUS EEE PC 701-SD-007X (8GB SSD) 
10.HP FR082PA (160GB HDD) 

Source: BCN Ranking

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2 Jan

Top 10 Web, Social Media and Tech Predictions for 2009

30 Dec

ReadWriteWeb today released  its annual list of  social media, web and tech predictions for the year ahead. Here are my top 10:

1. iTunes adds social networking features.

2. Health web apps start getting attention from mainstream people and media.

3. Apps that do filtering, inferring and recommendation have a great year.

4. Twitter announces they have a plan to make money. They do.

5. New iPhone is released with video recording capabilities.

6. Facebook Connect becomes new de facto way to login to web sites.

7. 2009 will be like 2002 for raising money or exiting.

8. Streaming web video to the living room will go mainstream.

9. If Apple finally enables its push server, mobile social networks and geolocation enabled apps will become a major topic next year.

10. Amazon will further strengthen its position in the cloud computing market, by launching more of its Web Services and gaining more clients for existing ones.

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30 Dec