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8 Jan

NYT: Israel’s Tough Questions Answered in Short Tweets

4 Jan

Today’s New York Times features an article discussing how Israel is using social media to reach a global audience. Israel Consulate PR chief David Saranga is quoted:

Since the definition of war has changed, the definition of public diplomacy has to change as well.

The article goes on to mention MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow making mockery of David’s Twitter press conference. Maybe Israel should have some on-air presence on Maddow’s show to present its side of the story (is this in the works?) :>  Or maybe readers and viewers should voice their opinion?

To read the full article and see related links here’s the link to Noam Cohen’s story.

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3 Jan

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1 Jan

Beyond Twitter: Israel Takes its PR Fight to Arab Media

1 Jan

According to Haaretz, Israel launched a PR campaign to “conquer” Arab satellite TV channels as part of “Operation Cast Lead”. This media blitz is spearheaded by Arabic speakers in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Foreign Ministry, and senior government officials. The objective is to communicate Israel’s stance vis-a-vis the situation in Gaza.

Ehud Olmert used the Arab station Al-Arabiya prior to the start of “Operation Cast Lead” to address Gaza civilians. He focused on the human impact of continued rocket attacks in Israel. Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni recently appeared on Al-Jazeera where she said the station shouldn’t present just one side of the story (for more).

This past weekend, Captain Avichai Adarai, an officer in the Arabic department of the IDF asked why the Al-Jazeera had not run footage of the suffering of civilians on the Israeli side of the border.

Lastly, Ophir Gendelman, the head of the Foreign Ministry’s Arabic media department, was interviewed on Russian Arabic channel Russia Al-yom. He concluded:

We live in the Middle East and fill a central role in the politics of the region. It is critical for us to be seen and heard, so that our stance will be understood. This could only help our standing in the region.

Twitter and You Tube: The IDF’s Latest Weapons of War

31 Dec

Fastforward Blog calls it War 2.0 – the use of social media as a major weapon in winning the “people’s war” of spin in the Middle East. Israel is now getting its story out there in a big way using YouTube and Twitter.

The blogosphere and new media are another war zone, we have to be relevant there.

So said the head of the IDF’s (Israel Defense Forces) press team, as quoted in Global Dashboard.

Here’s a video featuring an attack on the Hamas government complex in Gaza (12/30/08):