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Help Om Help UCSF Raise Funds for Cardiovascular Research

28 Dec

Kudos to blogger Om Malik for writing about his personal life saving experience at UCSF. In today’s GigaOm he appeals to his readers to help him raise $50K in support of UCSF’s Cardiovascular Research Initiative.Readers can make a donation to the Cardiovascular Research Institute here.

Writes Om:

It was two years ago that I had a heart attack, an event that changed my life. Had it not been for the timely intervention of some friends and some amazing medical professionals including my cardiologist, J. Eduardo Rame (who has since moved to U. Penn) at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Heart & Vascular Center, I wouldn’t be around today. Perhaps that’s why I deeply appreciate the value of their efforts.UCSF, like many of our esteemed institutions, needs our support, and I was hoping that you would join me in helping raise funds for the hospital. My target is pretty modest: Help them raise $50,000 in 2010.

Make the check to: UCSF Foundation. In the notes area of the check, write “OM/Cardiovascular Research Initiative.”

Mail the check to: UCSF Foundation, UCSF Box 0248, San Francisco, CA 94143-0248. ATTN: Kevin McAteer, Director of Development

If you have time, please take a moment and learn more about heart and vascular diseases, how to prevent them, and how to figure out if you have a problem. Visit the UCSF web site.

Thank you Om for your support of UCSF!

(NOTE: UCSF is my employer)

The Top 25 Most Valuable Blogs

24 Feb

24/7 Wall Street just released it 25 Most Valuable Blogs list. Gawker, Huffington Post, GigaOm and Politico were among the leaders. This year’s list excludes blogs which are part of larger companies, those which are used as fronts for other businesses,  and blogs  that do not have revenue.  To assess financial value,  24/7 looked at unique visitors, pageviews, estimated CPMs, audience growth, revenue and operating income, among other criteria.

Here’s the list:

  1. Gawker Properties — $170 million.
  2. Huffington Post — $90 million.
  3. The Drudge Report — $48 million.
  4. Perez Hilton — $32 million.
  5. Sugar, Inc — $27 million.
  6. TechCrunch — $25 million.
  7. MacRumors — $21 million.
  8. SeekingAlpha — $11 million.
  9. GigaOm — $9.5 million.
  10. Politico — $8.7 million.
  11. SmashingMagazine — $7.7 million.
  12. SearchEngineLand — $4.5 million.
  13. Boing Boing — $3.6 million.
  14. ReadWriteWeb — $3.4 million.
  15. SB Nation — $2.7 million.
  16. Destructoid — $2.5 million.
  17. Mashable — $2.5 million.
  18. Alley Insider sites — $2.25 million.
  19. /film (slashfilm) — $2.1 million.
  20. The Superficial Network — $2 million
  21. Neatorama — $1.5 million.
  22. Daily Kos — $2 million.
  23. Talking Points Memo — $1.2 million.
  24. VentureBeat — $1 million.
  25. Wowowow.com — $1 million.

The complete story provides a lengthy description of the methodology used to evaluate the sites as well as more details about each of the top blogs.  Personal congrats to Om!

Hat Tips:

24/7 Wall Street

The Business Insider

Life Lessons From Om Malik

27 Dec

Live as if you would die tomorrow, learn as if you would live forever - Gandhi 

Om Malik today shared some insightful lessons today in GigaOM. Simplify, empower others, live healthier and give of yourself are among his major themes. I encourage you to read the article. 

A year ago today Om suffered a heart attack that changed his life. He was treated at my employer, UCSF.  Since then, Om has become more mindful, is living healthier and has simplified his approach to living and working. 

Om's  article includes important lessons that can be applied to your personal or business life:

Lesson #1: Set simple goals
Lesson#2: Binary choices help make better decisions
Lesson #3: Simplification through elimination
Lesson#4: In your team you should trust 

He concludes the article with an appeal to help his favorite charity – UCSF. 

Last month, Om  gave me some advice on how we could help his readers learn how to become heart healthier via the web. So my Public Affairs team at UCSF (with help from the UCSF Medical Center web team) created a   heart attack prevention tips  page to support Om in his effort to raise awareness of (and  funding  for) UCSF. In today's article Om encourages readers to visit the page and "take a moment to check it out and see if you need to visit the doctor. Prevention, is much better than the cure."

I am thrilled to see the outpouring of positive feedback to Om's story. In fact, readers and influencers alike  (thanks,  Steve Rubel ) are now spreading his message through  Twitter postings.  

Happy holidays and best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year!

Om Malik Says “Help Yourself & Help UCSF Foundation”

21 Dec

Blogger Om Malik just notified me that he posted the following message on his Facebook profile this morning. Om is helping advocate UCSF among his readers and web industry colleagues.

This is for all my peeps who work too hard, stay up long hours, drink too much coffee and hit in-and-Out too often. From my own personal experience I know people don't really spend much time thinking about the long term impact of such busy lifestyle. It causes problems that we don't even know we have. Such as heart and vascular diseases.

My friends at UCSF have put together a simple Prevention Tips Page. Take a moment to check it out and see if you need to visit the doctor. Prevention, is much better than the cure.

Given the fact that UCSF folks saved me from near disaster last year, they are my favorite charity. I am trying to help them raise some cash for their various heart-disease related efforts. If you would like to help, then send them a check — however small (or big) — you can afford.

1. Make checks out to "UCSF Foundation"

2. Please write in the notes area of check "OM/Cardiovascular Research Initiative"
3. Mail Checks To: UCSF Foundation, UCSF Box 0248, San Francisco, CA 94143-0248.

Support UCSF's Cardiovascular Research Institute online here.

Thanks, Om!