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19 Feb

Cease Fire Begins in Gaza

17 Jan

soldiers1Stating that Israel had crippled Hamas, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert just announced an end to the 3-week Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip. He said the army would remain in Gaza while Egypt mediates a long-term truce with Hamas.

According to DEBKAfile Israeli forces will hold to their positions in the Gaza Strip for a trial period to test Hamas’ response. Meanwhile, Hamas promises to keep on fighting and shooting rockets, while neither Washington nor Cairo guarantee action to end the flow of weapons to Gaza. As the Israeli security cabinet voted on the unilateral cease fire, Hamas blasted rockets against Ashdod and Ashkelon.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Office reiterated that the IDF began Operation Cast Lead following an extended period of restraint as Hamas continued to terrorize the residents of southern Israel with daily rocket barrages. According to the IDF “Hamas alone is responsible for creating the situation in Gaza and is accountable for its consequences.”

The IDF will redeploy forces within the Gaza Strip in accordance with security assessments. Air, naval, ground and intelligence forces will remain on alert .

Sources: AP (photo); LA Times, DEBKAFile, IDF Spokesperson

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10 Jan

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9 Jan

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8 Jan

Improvised Explosive Devices in Disguise Found in Gaza by IDF

8 Jan

According to IDF reports, Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) were discovered in the Gaza Strip by the Combat Engineering Corps and the Paratrooper Brigade Forces. One was found within a booby-trapped dummy dressed as a Hamas operative.


Source: IDF Spokesperson

How the “Cease Fire” Ended (in June): the Backstory

7 Jan

David Saranga of the Israeli Consulate in New York, posted an informative backgrounder today on the story behind the June “cease fire” between Israel and Hamas. His article points out that while rocket and mortar fire from Gaza slowed during the “lull,” it never fully stopped. David goes on to say that rather than use the “state of calm” to promote peace and to build a civilian infrastructure in Gaza, Hamas took advantage of the situation to expand its terrorist capabilities. For more information go to David’s site.


Source: Israel Consulate via IsraelPolitik

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7 Jan

IDF on the Ground: Latest Photos and Video from Gaza

7 Jan


IDF Spokesperson, the press site of the IDF, just posted new videos of air and ground strikes on Hamas targets. In the video clip below, the Israel Air Force (IAF) assists IDF ground forces in striking Hamas targets, including gunman posts and launchers—some of which were located in populated areas. The IAF neutralized the sources of gunfire and destroys the terrorists stash of weapons.

The IDF notes that “Hamas deliberately uses the Palestinian people, with whom Israel continues to seek peaceful coexistence, as human shields.”

NYT: Israel’s Tough Questions Answered in Short Tweets

4 Jan

Today’s New York Times features an article discussing how Israel is using social media to reach a global audience. Israel Consulate PR chief David Saranga is quoted:

Since the definition of war has changed, the definition of public diplomacy has to change as well.

The article goes on to mention MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow making mockery of David’s Twitter press conference. Maybe Israel should have some on-air presence on Maddow’s show to present its side of the story (is this in the works?) :>  Or maybe readers and viewers should voice their opinion?

To read the full article and see related links here’s the link to Noam Cohen’s story.