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Hamas’ Latest High Tech Rockets Threaten Tel Aviv

7 Jan

Hamas has been fighting an increasingly more high tech ground war utilizing more advanced rocket power, according to analysts at globalsecurity.org and Jane’s Information Group. Popular Science (PopSci) reveales that over time, Hamas has been beefing up its arsenal of new rockets with expanded range. With the latest in rocket power, they are becoming better equipped to strike cities such as Tel Aviv with improved accuracy.rocket

In its recent article, PopSci reports that recently, Hamas imported factory manufactured rockets from China and Iran. Based on a family of Soviet rockets dating back to World War II, these rockets have the range to hit more Israeli cities, and their introduction help propel the current conflict.

The Iranian rocket, called a Grad, has a range of about 12 miles, long enough to hit the Israeli cities of Ashkelon and Sderot. The Chinese rocket, called the WS-1-E (pictured above, courtesy of globalsecurity.org) has an even greater range of up to 27 miles, and better accuracy than the Grad.

It is believed that Hamas possesses Iranian Fajr-4 rockets, which have a range long enough to hit Tel Aviv.

Sources: Popular Science, Jane’s Information Group, globalsecurity.org