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Hamas Supporters Online: More Than You Think!

7 Jan

Internet Haganah this week published a pie chart which demonstrates the current global distribution of Hamas supporters online. It shows that 16 countries account for 91.35% of all Hamas followers, generated via more than 5,500 I.P. addresses.


To read more in-depth global statistics, please visit SOFIR – The Society for Internet Research.

Also,  to learn more about denial-of -service (DDoS) attacks taking place against Israeli, US, French,Spanish, UK and Danish websites by Jihadist  groups, check out the article “Battle for Gaza Fought on the Web Too,” by Jart Armin.

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Hottest Gadgets for 2009

29 Dec

The latest word from consumer electronics shopping and analytics site Retrevo is that we’re in for another year of the gadget. Here’s a look at the top trends to expect in the year ahead:

  • LCD panels outpacing Plasma TVs
  • Strong demand for HDTV
  • OLED and 3D TVs
  • Multi-functional and cheaper Blue-ray players
  • Point and shoot cameras become commoditized
  • Cameras, GPS, cell phone, camcorders converge
  • More affordable Internet photo frames
  • Netbooks and laptop market continues to grow
  • Entering the Year of the Media Center — Sony, Microsoft, Apple