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Farasi the Hippo Gets New Lease on Life

15 Mar

farasihippoThe Wall Street Journal helped fuel an international panic this week when it wrote that Farasi, the 4-month-old  Swiss hippo, could be fed to the tigers, if a new home could not be found. Officials at the Basel Zoo Friday said media reports were misleading. Little Farasi, who has become one of  the zoo’s star attractions, will stay in the zoo until a place is found for him elsewhere.

The “Swiss of the Year” for 2008 gained more attention by the Swiss than the war in Gaza, wrote a reporter for the French daily, Le Matin. Animals are much beloved in Switzerland, where a recent animal bill of rights says that pet guinea pigs should be kept in pairs to avoid loneliness. The Basel Zoo is one of the leading zoos in the world.

Here’s the WSJ video featuring Farasi’s plight. Stay tuned.

Sources: Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal