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How to Apply Compassion in the Workplace

12 May

Chade-Meng Tan speaks of everyday compassion at Google. According to Meng compassion works in 3 steps:

The first step is attention training. Attention is the basis of all higher cognitive and emotional abilities. Therefore, any curriculum for training emotion intelligence has to begin with attention training. The idea here is to train attention to create a quality of mind that is calm and clear at the same time. And this creates the foundation for emotion intelligence. The second step follows the first step.

The second step is developing self-knowledge and self-mastery. So using the supercharged attention from step one, we create a high-resolution perception into the cognitive and emotive processes. What does that mean? It means being able to observe our thoughtstream and the process of emotion with high clarity, objectivity and from a third-person perspective. And once you can do that, you create the kind of self-knowledge that enables self-mastery.

The third step, following the second step, is to create new mental habits. What does that mean? Imagine this. Imagine whenever you meet any other person, any time you meet your person, your habitual, instinctive first thought is, “I want you to be happy. I want you to be happy.” Imagine you can do that. Having this habit, this mental habit, changes everything at work. Because this good will is unconsciously picked up by other people, and it creates trust, and trust creates a lot of good working relationships. And this also creates the conditions for compassion in the workplace. Someday, we hope to open-source “Search Inside Yourself” so that everybody in the corporate world will at least be able to use it as a reference.

Here is the video of his recent TED Talk:

Casey Abrams Performs “Nature Boy”

14 Apr

Casey Abrams’ Wednesday night performance of “Nature Boy” on American Idol proved that he is not only a talented musician but a true artist.

Lego Madness at Brick Fair 2010

7 Aug

The annual Lego convention – Brick Fair 2010 – took place this weekend in Dulles VA. This portrait of Jimi Hendrix is a Lego mosaic masterpiece.

Superman Comic Book Fetches Highest Price Ever

15 Mar

supermanaction1 A rare, copy of Action Comics No. 1, the first comic book featuring Superman, has sold for $317,200, one of the highest prices ever paid for a comic book. John Dolmayan, the drummer for the rock band System of a Down, placed the winning bid for the 1938 classic.

Sources: Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle

Farasi the Hippo Gets New Lease on Life

15 Mar

farasihippoThe Wall Street Journal helped fuel an international panic this week when it wrote that Farasi, the 4-month-old  Swiss hippo, could be fed to the tigers, if a new home could not be found. Officials at the Basel Zoo Friday said media reports were misleading. Little Farasi, who has become one of  the zoo’s star attractions, will stay in the zoo until a place is found for him elsewhere.

The “Swiss of the Year” for 2008 gained more attention by the Swiss than the war in Gaza, wrote a reporter for the French daily, Le Matin. Animals are much beloved in Switzerland, where a recent animal bill of rights says that pet guinea pigs should be kept in pairs to avoid loneliness. The Basel Zoo is one of the leading zoos in the world.

Here’s the WSJ video featuring Farasi’s plight. Stay tuned.

Sources: Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal

Only in San Francisco: Sheep on a Leash

15 Mar

leonardoonleash3Today I experienced another “only in San Francisco” moment. I saw a man walking Leonardo, his pet Barbados sheep, on a leash, down 24th Street in Noe Valley, San Francisco.

A Superhero Presidents’ Day

16 Feb

6861new_storyimage4386886_thumb1Marvel Comics celebrates  the Presidents’ Day holiday by offering a free superheroes digicomic. Gettysburg Distress features Captain American and Spider-Man as they travel back in time to watch Lincoln’s historic Gettysburg Address. This tribute to the Bicentennial of the 16th President’s birth is written by Matt Fraction with art by Andy MacDonald.

The digicomic follows the popular debut of  Amazing Spiderman No. 583, where Spidey meets President Obama. The Obamarama continues…