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Try A Zen Moment of Creativity with Elements by Lunarr

9 Feb

I just signed up for elements, a new visual Twitter like service by Lunarr. Simply beautiful. Take a minute to explore the incredibly striking images and get zeninspired. Hideshi Hamaguchi is co-founder and is an expert in strategy and design, two of my favorite subjects. Here’s what founders say about the new service:

一期一会 We’ve brought the cultural concept of “ichi-go ichi-e” into LUNARR elements. It means “one chance, one meeting,” and is traditionally at the center of a Japanese tea ceremony. It’s the idea that you must treat your interaction with others as if it is the last time you will see them.

With elements, we invite you to come take part in “ichi-go ichi-e.” You will view inspirational images and quotes (elements) one at a time with the option of casting the image to your friends, which will increase the possibility that they will see the same element; or keeping it yourself if you like it.

The elements will gradually become customized for what you might find inspirational based on your actions, those you follow or those who follow you, the elements others cast in your direction and more. We also welcome you to become a catalyst of inspiration by uploading your own elements or clipping them from the web.

You can check out a few of my own photos here. When you join, you have the option of finding or inviting friends to follow, similar to the Twitter model.

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8 Feb

Top 20 Best Selling DSLR Cameras (in Japan)

30 Dec

Here’s a look at the top 20 best selling Digital SLR cameras of the year — from our friends at Akihabara News. Nikon edges out Canon and the Panasonic Lumix G1 has a solid showing. Happy shopping!

1. Canon EOS Kiss X2
2. Nikon D60
3. Nikon D80
4. Nikon D40
5. Canon EOS Kiss Digital X
6. Canon EOS 40D
7. Sony α350
8. Nikon D300
9. Sony α200
10. Nikon D90
11. Canon EOS 50D
12. Nikon D40x
13. Canon EOS Kiss F
14. Sony α300
15. Pentax K200D
16. Panasonic Lumix G1
17. Olympus E-510
18. Olympus E-520
19. Olympus E-420
20. Nikon D700

Tahvo + Mimi have Thanksgiving

27 Nov

A family first — Tahvo the Lagotto hangs out with Mimi the Siamese kitty… what a nice family Thanksgiving dinner!

Tahvo + Mimi have Thanksgiving

Sunlit Montara Beach

23 Nov

We spent the afternoon @ McNee Ranch State Park and Montara Beach.

Sunlit Montara Beach
Sunlit Montara Beach

Studies in Sunlight

16 Nov

Recent sunsets @Golden Gate Park and @ Alcatraz

Studies in Sunlight
Studies in Sunlight

Animoto Short Video

25 May

Just tried out Animoto today. Check out the short video comprised of my various Zen of Bass Flickr photos:

Full Moon Over San Francisco Christmas Eve

24 Dec



Sunrise Fire Over San Francisco

28 Oct


fire sunrise, originally uploaded by askgadgetgirl.


Sunrise Fire 1

28 Oct


Sunrise fire 1, originally uploaded by askgadgetgirl.