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Sheep on a Leash Found Walking Down 24th Street

15 Mar

Today I experienced another "only in San Francisco" moment. I saw a man walking Leonardo, his pet Barbados sheep, on a leash, down 24th Street in Noe Valley, San Francisco. Barbados Blackbelly sheep grow to over 200 pounds and have hair instead of wool. Leonardo is only six weeks old, and he was abandoned by his mother and then adopted by a farmer from Northern California.

Here are a few photos (one is with Tahvo the Lagotto Romagnolo):


Tahvo + Mimi have Thanksgiving

27 Nov

A family first — Tahvo the Lagotto hangs out with Mimi the Siamese kitty… what a nice family Thanksgiving dinner!

Tahvo + Mimi have Thanksgiving

Tahvo@the wheel

10 Nov

Tahvo@the wheel, originally uploaded by askgadgetgirl.

Tahvo freshly groomed, about to drive home.

Tahvo Tricks/Take 1

25 May
This is my first Tahvo tricks video using my new Flip camcorder

Tahvo’s Merry Christmas from San Francisco

24 Dec



Tahvo’s Happy Holidays from San Francisco

24 Dec



Tahvo and Gracie Impersonating Humans

28 Oct


Gracie_Tahvo_J2P4461.jpg, originally uploaded by askgadgetgirl.


Tahvo Studying Gracie

28 Oct


Gracie_Tahvo_J2P4446.jpg, originally uploaded by askgadgetgirl.


Tahvo and Gracie + Golden Gate Bridge

28 Oct



Tahvo and Gracie at the Beach 2

28 Oct