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links for 2009-02-08

8 Feb

Do It Yourself Genetic Testing – Are we prepared for the results?

24 Jan

11genome-600In the coming era of consumer genetics, your DNA will have much to tell you about the biological bases of your health, your physique and even your personality. But will this knowledge really amount to self-knowledge? asks Steven Pinker in his article My Genome, My Self, which appeared in the January 11, 2009 issue of the Sunday New York Times.

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Top 10 Web, Social Media and Tech Predictions for 2009

30 Dec

ReadWriteWeb today released  its annual list of  social media, web and tech predictions for the year ahead. Here are my top 10:

1. iTunes adds social networking features.

2. Health web apps start getting attention from mainstream people and media.

3. Apps that do filtering, inferring and recommendation have a great year.

4. Twitter announces they have a plan to make money. They do.

5. New iPhone is released with video recording capabilities.

6. Facebook Connect becomes new de facto way to login to web sites.

7. 2009 will be like 2002 for raising money or exiting.

8. Streaming web video to the living room will go mainstream.

9. If Apple finally enables its push server, mobile social networks and geolocation enabled apps will become a major topic next year.

10. Amazon will further strengthen its position in the cloud computing market, by launching more of its Web Services and gaining more clients for existing ones.

Google & Flu Tracking

12 Nov

Google Uses Web Searches to Track Flu’s Spread

Creating Health Social Networks

12 Nov

How do we create powerful online networks for chronic patients that are focused on wellness and healing?