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How to View Your Nanny Cam from an Android Phone

14 Apr

Wouldn’t it be great if you could check on your family, pets and house remotely from your mobile phone?

Now you can – with  a new  Android app which lets you remotely connect to your  home’s D-Link IP camera.

There’s also an  informative website where you can learn more about the company’s various network  and Internet camera solutions.

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New Wifi “Nanny Cam” Spy Cam from D-Link

7 Jan

D-Link today introduced the DCS-1130, a wifi video camera that enables remote monitoring of live streaming video from a web browser. With this new gadget, you can easily  monitor your babysitter, employees, dogwalker, etc. from anywhere in the world.

According to Steven Joe, president and CEO, D-Link Systems, Inc. in Fountain Valley, Calif:

Our new network camera offers an ideal solution for the home or small business, providing many features found in more costly surveillance systems, with powerful 802.11n Wi-Fi capability so customers have greater range and flexibility for installing cameras where coverage is needed,” said  “The cameras also offer a user experience unmatched in the industry, enabling customers to quickly view and manage their cameras from a standard web browser with Internet connectivity.

You can watch the live streams from your PC or even from your 3G phone!

Source: Company press release

Top 10 Best-Selling Netbooks (in Japan)

3 Jan

Here’s a look at the top 10 best selling Netbooks — from our friends at Akihabara News. Asus, Acer and HP all make the list. Wait another couple of months for the latest, greatest  new models to hit the market. Or get a good bargain next month on Amazon.

Here’s the list:
3. ASUS EEE PC 901-X (12GB SSD) 
5. ASUS EEE PC 1000H (160GB HDD) 
7. ASUS EEE PC S101-X (16GB SSD) 
8. ONKYO C101-4 (120GB HDD) 
9. ASUS EEE PC 701-SD-007X (8GB SSD) 
10.HP FR082PA (160GB HDD) 

Source: BCN Ranking

Hottest Gadgets for 2009

29 Dec

The latest word from consumer electronics shopping and analytics site Retrevo is that we’re in for another year of the gadget. Here’s a look at the top trends to expect in the year ahead:

  • LCD panels outpacing Plasma TVs
  • Strong demand for HDTV
  • OLED and 3D TVs
  • Multi-functional and cheaper Blue-ray players
  • Point and shoot cameras become commoditized
  • Cameras, GPS, cell phone, camcorders converge
  • More affordable Internet photo frames
  • Netbooks and laptop market continues to grow
  • Entering the Year of the Media Center — Sony, Microsoft, Apple