The Melding Media Landscape: Digital vs. Traditional Media Usage Trends

1 Mar

The lines between digital and traditional media channels are increasing blurring and audiences are more fragmented than ever before, according to the third annual Media Myths & Realities survey of 1,500 consumers from the US, UK and Brazil.

Overall media usage highlights:

  • National newspapers are key info sources in the UK and Brazil.
  • Blogs are gaining traction in the US and Brazil.
  • Cable network news is growing in importance.
  • Shopping sites are information destinations.
  • Magazines are winners in Brazil.

Here are the country-by-country key findings:

United States

  • The lines between media channels are blurring.
  • Search engines are more important than ever.
  • Word-of-mouth is critical.

United Kingdom

  • Big media brands count more than ever in a Web 2.0 world.
  • Search engines are their own news brands.
  • Local newspapers present broad opportunities.


  • Brazilians are avid consumers of information.
  • Search rules.

Survey Methodology:

The study was conducted in late 2008 by Ketchum Communications and USC Annenberg. The survey compares the media usage habits of 1,000 adult Americans; in the U.K. and Brazil, a total of 500 consumers were surveyed.

Sources: Ketchum, Seeking Alpha

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