The Healing Power of Music

7 Jun

Can listening to music for an hour each day help make chronic pain go away? I’m intrigued by the healing role music plays to help people relax and just plain feel better.

The other day I read about a small study on this very topic. It was published in June’s Journal of Advanced Nursing, funded by the NIH. Researchers discovered that patients with chronic pain and depression reported less pain and more control over their condition after a week of daily "music therapy."   

Music helps relax patients and distracts them from their discomfort. The study suggests that a daily dose of music is a good complement to standard medical treatments. Participants were split into groups and listened to  music ranging from pop, rock,jazz, and classical to soothing instrumental and nature sounds.

to music has already been shown to promote a number of positive
benefits and this research adds to the growing body of evidence that it
has an important role to play in modern healthcare” notes study co-author
Professor Marion Good.

I’ve always considered listening or playing music a wonderful way to
undwind, de-stress, and just chill out. I even have my music collection
categorized by genres and artists, so that I can pop in a tune which
fits every mood.


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